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    ?1)By registering for our service you accept these rules. Breaking these rules means your account + points will be deleted. We do have the right to change these rules at anytime.

    ?2) Websites with following content must not use our service: Porn, racism, claiming to violence, everything else which is not according to laws.

    ?3) We have got the right to delete accounts without having to explain the reason.

    ?4) We are neither responsible for websites added by users nor for any link on our website and the website it is leading to.

    ?5) "Spamming" is strictly forbidden. Do not send advertising to someone who haven't asked for it! Accounts of spammers will be deleted and they will have to pay for caused damage.

    ?6) We are not responsible if there are any technical difficulties. We do not pay for damage caused by difficulties in our software, on the server etc.

    ?7) We do have the right to change any condition of this service at any time we want and we do not have to notify users about changes. Furthermore we are allowed to quit this service at any time we want. In that case all accounts + points will be deleted.

    ?8) Surfbar is forbidden to be called in hidden frames, iframes or IMG-Tags.

    ?9) More forbidden websites:
    -Homepages must not open any further sites (popup etc.)!
    -Homepages killing frames of other websites.

    ?10) If any part of these rules is no longer actual, all other parts of these rules are still valid.


    1. Content of this website We are not responsible for topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information on our website. n, We are not responsible for any disadvantage a user, sponsor or visitor may get by using our service. All offers on this site are without obligation. We do have the right to change conditions or even stop this service at any time we want it. In that case neither users nor sponsors may require payment of damages.

    2. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect links ("Links"), to other websites and for websites, words or images provided on our website, in e-mails and in the surfbar by sponsors or user.

    4. As a part of our website you accept these rules as a visitor, user or sponsor of our site.

    5. Breaking the rules

    Websites inserted in our system must not be changed after being validated through the admin. On inserted websites must not be any program, which is installed automatically on users' computer (e.g. dialer)

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