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    I dont't have an own website. Why should I register for your service?
    You may either save your points until you have got your own website, or you may use your reflinks instead.

    Is there any limit?
    No, you may earn as much points as you want to!

    Du I have to install any software?
    No, you can use this software on our server und do not have to download it!

    Isn't 20 seconds a visit too short?
    No, according to scientific researches a user needs about 7 seconds to decide, wether this site is interesting or not

    Why do I get myself less visits than the number of websites I visited?
    These visits are kept in our system for letting work the referral system and our whole service.

    Which websites are forbidden to take part?
    Racist websites, websites with popups,websites with framebreakers and websites with content, which is not allowed for people under 18 or even 21.

    What to do, if I notice a website that is not according to the rules?
    Please let us know so we can controll this.

    Why should I refer users?
    You will get 20% of your referral's points.

    I didn't find the answer I was searching for...
    Please use the contact-form to send us an e-mail. We will answer asap!

    Lost password??